Posted by: blogsforbobs | April 18, 2012

Happy Holiday Maker!

We always get lovely reviews from our guests, but this one just made us smile from ear to ear! Sue once again goes out her way to make someone’s stay with us FANTASTIC!

See below!

Hi Sue,

Sorry it has taken so long for me to get this email out to you – seems like adjusting back in to ‘regular’ life here is taking a long time!

I did tell you this as we were leaving, but I want to restate how appreciative we are of all you did for us during our stay with you at the Grosvenor. You really did make our final week in South Africa and more specifically Simon’s Town/Capetown one of the best of our whole 6 week holiday. The special arrangements you made for us with Erica and for the rugby match were far beyond what was needed, but added some very special moments for us.

And the guest house itself was just what we needed – so comfortable, so convenient, and so much like a home to us. We loved it there and were very lucky to have made contact with you and The Grosvenor. When we look at our pictures of and from the guest house it makes us want to instantly just transport ourselves back.

Thanks Sue – hope to hear from you soon,



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