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Now here is something to tick off your bucket list… adopt and name your very own penguin! Today is world penguin day, and we here at The Grosvenor really do love our little friends down by the sea! 

Its been a tough life for a penguin these days… oil spills, great whites, tourists snapping away at you all day long! So why not give them a helping hand in life by supporting this great cause!

Below is from the SANCCOB WEBSITE:

HAPPY WORLD PENGUIN DAY – to mark the day SANCCOB is offering a discount  on our Adopt a penguin package, where you get to name your own penguin and payfor its release back into the wild.

OFFER ONLY VALID FOR 25 April 2012 (all time zones included): Adopt a penguin for only R400 / $53 and save R100 / $13. 

Penguin adoptions are quite simple. Each year during our busy winter season (June-November) we photograph each rehabilitated penguin before it is released back into the wild. Each bird receives a metal flipper-band before it is released. The medical history of the bird corresponds to the number on the band and this information is captured onto our database. To adopt a penguin, we look up its number and provide you with:

  • a letter of adoption -including a brief history (where the bird came from, what was wrong with it, how much it weighed on admission and release etc.)
  • a photograph of the penguin
  • a certificate of adoption and
  • back-copies of our newsletter

The documents are then posted to you.

Each adoption costs R500 and the application process takes a minimum of 10-15 working days, excluding posting time. Adoptions are processed the order they are received.


1. How do I adopt a penguin?
To adopt a penguin, simply click on the green “Adopt a penguin” button at the top right hand side of this page. Complete and submit the form to SANCCOB (with proof of payment if you are making a direct deposit). Don’t forget to name your penguin (if you wish to).

2. How much does it cost to adopt a penguin?
It costs R500 to adopt one penguin. currency converter

3. Is the fee a once off payment?
It is a once off fee and the adoption (letter, certificate and photo for your individual penguin) is yours for life.

4. What is the exchange rate?
Currency exchange rates change constantly. To determine the exact exchange rate from South African Rand to your currency, contact your bank, use the internet or click here. SANCCOB will not determine the exchange rate for your currency, as we receive an enormous amount of queries from all over the world.

5. How long will it take to process my adoption?
Once payment is received, it usually takes a minimum of 10-15 working days to process the Adoption pack. For this special Valentine´s offer, you will receive a “special note” for your loved one via e-mail, and the full adoption pack will follow in the post.

6. How long does air-mail take?
Adoptions sent via air-mail may arrive within a week or a month, depending on the post office.

7. What will I receive in my adoption pack?

You will receive the following in your adoption pack:a letter of adoption-including a brief description of why your penguin received treatment at SANCCOB a photograph of your penguina certificate of adoption

8. Will I receive updates about the penguin I adopt?

Once you receive your adoption pack, you will be added to our database and you will receive our e- newsletters. You will not receive further correspondence from SANCCOB regarding your penguin. SANCCOB is a sea bird rehabilitation centre. We rescue, rehabilitate and release ill, injured, oiled and orphaned sea birds.

9. Will I be able to see the penguin I adopt?
You will probably not be able to see your penguin. SANCCOB releases the penguins back into the wild once they have completed their rehabilitation. Your penguin could end up at any number of colonies along the coast of South Africa.

10. Do I get to keep the penguin I adopt?
You do not get to keep the penguin. SANCCOB is a seabird rehabilitation centre. Our purpose is to rescue, rehabilitate and release ill, injured and oiled sea birds. When you adopt a penguin, you can rest assured that your bird was released back into the wild.

So don’t delay… go sign up TODAY!


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