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Happy Holiday Maker!

We always get lovely reviews from our guests, but this one just made us smile from ear to ear! Sue once again goes out her way to make someone’s stay with us FANTASTIC!

See below!

Hi Sue,

Sorry it has taken so long for me to get this email out to you – seems like adjusting back in to ‘regular’ life here is taking a long time!

I did tell you this as we were leaving, but I want to restate how appreciative we are of all you did for us during our stay with you at the Grosvenor. You really did make our final week in South Africa and more specifically Simon’s Town/Capetown one of the best of our whole 6 week holiday. The special arrangements you made for us with Erica and for the rugby match were far beyond what was needed, but added some very special moments for us.

And the guest house itself was just what we needed – so comfortable, so convenient, and so much like a home to us. We loved it there and were very lucky to have made contact with you and The Grosvenor. When we look at our pictures of and from the guest house it makes us want to instantly just transport ourselves back.

Thanks Sue – hope to hear from you soon,


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The Mother of All Gifts

Mothers day is always such a hard one, what on earth do you give your mother to express all the love and gratitude she deserves?!?! We some how feel a scented candle, or Exclusive books voucher just doesn’t cut it!

Then we stumbled across this…

a photobook you say? Thats what we thought! But then we looked through the pages and saw the detail that had gone into each page, the scanned old photos, the different patterns and elements! The book was a birthday gift for a 90 year old grandmother, the patterns were taken from her home, fabrics from the couch she’s had for years, wall papers etc. The attention to detail and the overall quality of the book was MAGNIFICENT. Not your standard photobook thats for sure!

SO what better gift to give to mom/granny/godmother. A tangible collection of memories to cherish forever! Its almost the big day so gather all those photos, letters, pre school paintings etc!

Contact Fotodeli HERE to enquire

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Easter night away winner!

Congratulations twitter follower @lolabythesea

Your tweets and shares got you the number one spot! Please call Debbie on 0824157720 to organise your arrival for Saturday night!


Thank you for entering and look out for more comps to come!


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Easter Give Away!

So you are in Cape Town over the long weekend? Maybe you couldn’t get it together to plan a holiday? Maybe you’re loved one/sister/uncle/dog is running the 2 oceans marathon? Maybe u are as broke as a greek retiree (too much?)

Well we at The Grosvenor want to help out! We are giving away a night for two this saturday, including breakfast! So whatever your excuse you can still have a mini holiday within the holiday (an inception holiday)

How do I win you ask???

You simply follow us on twitter (here) and like us on face book (here) and tell us your reason for being in Cape Town making sure you tag us in your post and use the hash tag #winanight !


Twitter: @staysimonstown My dog ate our plane tickets #winanight

Facebook: @Grosvenor Guest House – Simon’s Town, Cape Town I’m addicted to facebook and cannot leave for longer then 24 hours! #winanight

Easy hey! Any catches? Only that you have 2 days to enter as we’ll announce the winner tomorrow afternoon!


Look at where you could be spending the night for free!

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dogs on parade

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Just Nuisance Parade

Now if there is one thing iconic to Simons Town, its our good friend Just Nuisance! So all you dog lovers out there, get on down to Simons Town (oooh a rhyme) for his birthday parade!!!
Lesley Shackleton & Margaret Silk from the Simon’s Town Business Association let us know about all the details!
Just Nuisance is having a Birthday Parade! 
Just Nuisance, Simon’s Town’s most famous dog, is sending a Birthday invitation to all dog lovers. Come and join in the Birthday Parade, Sunday April 1st. All well behaved dogs and owners welcome to meet at The Foundry, in the Yacht Club Car Park at 10h15 for departure by 10.30 for “walkies” around the waterfront to Jubilee Square.  On Jubilee Square there will be a birthday cake and prize giving at the statue of Able Body, Just Nuisance, RN. All dogs will be automatically entered into the competitions: categories include “Dog Most Like Just Nuisance”; “Dog Least Like Just Nuisance” and “Best Dressed Dog and Owner”, plus a Lucky Draw. Lots of prizes on offer for Dogs and Owners alike. 
 All dogs are welcome not just Great Danes. Learn the history of Just Nuisance. Find out how he joined the ranks of the Royal Navy, travelled for free on the railways, how he earned his name, and then share his Birthday Cake on Jubilee Square, Simon’s Town. All dogs must be on a lead at all times and Doggy Poo Bags are obligatory. Come and join the fun. Donation of a tin of dog food for an animal charity will be welcome.

I hope we get to see you all there! The Grosvenor dogs will be parading with the rest on this special day!

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Great White Loss

It is really a sad fact that so many people fear the majestic Great White Shark. They are one of the most amazing species on this planet and sadly the misconception surrounding them leads to tragedy, and the biggest tragedy is we may not have them around in the near future.

On sunday morning a 4.3m Great White washed up on the shores of Fish Hoek beach. It is believed that the shark had been caught in “experimental” fishing gear owned by Whelk Fisheries.

Shark Spotters research manager Alison Kock said “The gear was placed on the sea floor and had a jar of sardines attached to it as bait. The shark was found with a rope around its gills. At the moment, we are unsure how it got entangled or why she couldn’t swim away,”

The matter has been reported to the Department of Agriculture.

The founder and executive director of AfriOceans Conservation Alliance, Lesley Rochat, said: “Something like this shouldn’t be happening in our waters. It’s an absolute shame as great white sharks are a protected species. It’s upsetting that an innocent shark had to die.”

A campaign called “Wanted dead or Alive” has been launched by AfriOceans following the recent rise and trend of great white sharks being targeted by anglers.

The Picture above was on the Sea Shepard South Africa facebook page with the comment

“A 4.3 meter long Great White died in Fishhoek over the weekend after the she got entangled in nets which were used as part of an experiment to see whether seaslugs could be harvested in the area. She was estimated to be between 10 and 15 years old. What a loss!”

Join their cause at


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The Simon’s Town Navy Festival

One thing we are extremely proud of here in Simon’s Town is our Navy! It’s always exciting to watch from our balcony the submarines submerging and surfacing, spotting the recruits in and around town and catching a glimpse of drills inside the Navy walls!

Some of you may have never experienced the SA Navy before, so here is your chance to see what all the fuss is about!


Here is a little description from their official site (found here)

The SA Navy Festival is around the corner

Enquiries: 021 787 4697

It is that time of the year, for the much anticipated Navy Festival.

The “People’s Navy” will once again open its doors from 16 to 18 March 2012 to the public to visit and experience the naval environment first-hand during its annual Navy Festival held in the East Dockyard in Simon’s Town.

A new and exciting edition to the festival this year is the diving demonstration by one of the submarines in the harbour.  This will take place on Saturday and Sunday of the Festival, for the public to have this rare opportunity to see how one of our submarines submerges under the water.

The entrance to the Festival is FREE:

Some of the Festival attractions in the “tested and tried programme” which caters for all include:

  • Ships and Submarines open to the public
  • Tug Rides in the harbour
  • Arena events such as the Gun Run, Mast Displays, Fire Fighting Competition, Dog Show, SA Navy and Sea Cadets Precision Drills, SA Navy and Izivunguvungu Youth Bands
  • Anti – Piracy display by the Maritime Reaction Squadron
  • Lynx & Oryx Helicopters Display
  • Live Cannon Firing
  • South African Navy Diving Display
  • Silver Falcons
  • Coca Cola SA Navy Talent Show (Open to the public and lots of prizes to be won! Entry forms are available here)
  • Special Forces and SANAD Gun Display
  • Stalls and Exhibitions
  • Jumping Castles and a Tea Garden
  • Kiddies’ funfare and water balls (these will be charged for).

Here are some of the events that can be of high interest to the public and media, in addition to the general Festival.

16 Mar 20:00 SA Navy Band Concert at Main Area
17 Mar 09:00 Right of Entry Parade through Simon’s Town
17 Mar 20:00 Night Gunnery Shoot from Lower North Gun Battery
18 Mar 08:00 – 09:00 SA Navy Remembrance Day Parade, Fleet Command HQ
18 Mar 17:20 – 18:00 Retreat Ceremony, East Dockyard, Arena area
Come and experience naval tradition and culture at its best!!! Bring your family and friends………..

So don’t miss out on this fabulous day of events! We promise you one thing, watching the navy march down the main road in their crisp white uniforms is something you’ll remember forever! Make a weekend out of it and check out our great rates here!

And finally…. for your enjoyment… check out this AWESOME video of the South african Navy Band!

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Tulbagh Racism Incident

It’s a sad time when stories like this pop up in our country. If you haven’t heard about the racism situation written about on facebook this week then read below:

Taken from this blog
a friend of mine shared this one facebook – quite frightening & terribly sad to hear that this kind of stuff still happens….
‘My friend Lisette Muller travelled to a family wedding in Tulbagh this weekend with her 2 yr old adopted black daughter. When she got there she was asked to leave the guest house because of her daugher… I am ashamed that this mentality ever existed and ashamed that I grew up with it all around me – I am even more ashamed that it continues… Establishments name: Tulbagh Bed and Breakfast, 12 Piet Retief Street.’

Now this has sparked quite a lot of response from people, The Grosvenor included, so we emailed Tulbagh Tourism and recieved this statement back:






Tulbagh Tourism promotes the Valley as a Wine Tourism Destination / Wedding Destination – our doors are open to all and it is NOT acceptable for any member of Tulbagh Tourism to be racist.

Statement received from the Tulbagh B & B:

I, Suzanne van der Merwe, am the Business Owner of Tulbagh Bed and Breakfast and I rent the premises from Mr. G. Krone.

The facts are the following:

At NO Time did I say that a “white mother, Ms. L. Muller and her black toddler” were not welcome at my Establishment; neither did I at any stage ask them to leave.

I merely asked Ms. L. Muller to take special care of my newly furnished

B and B, as it is not a “child friendly” B and B, nor the children’s market that I normally cater for.

At this time, Ms. L. Muller said “she was feeling uncomfortable” and asked for a refund.  She herself cancelled her booking and after I gave her a full cash refund, she and her child proceeded to leave my establishment.

Thus, I find your defamatory accusations unfounded and in poor judgement, as you have assumed me to be a racist.

Prior to this new venture, which I have just started, I have been a teacher for 17 years at a Government, multi-racial school in Cape Town.   I have taught and worked with teenagers from all racial groups and have never had any racial incidents.

I am not a racist and reserve the right to legal opinion, on this serious matter of defamation of character. 

This was NEVER a racial issue and I apologise should

Ms. L. Muller have misinterpreted the situation.


Suzanne van der Merwe

Tulbagh Bed and Breakfast

Tulbagh Tourism has offered Lizette and her daughter complimentary accommodation in Tulbagh to make up for the incident and we would like to take this opportunity to assure any future visitors to our beautiful Valley that our doors are open to all!


Patty Nieuwoudt


023 2301348 / 75


This Is quite a big thing to accuse an establishment about, and damage to the business is sure to happen. From the comments on facebook and the relelvent blogs people are saying the guesthouse is suddenly singing a different tune….. We as a guesthouse STRONGLY believe that to turn ANYONE away because of race/culture or creed is UN-acceptable, embarrassing to our country and should never be tolerated….but a false accusation is just as bad an offense! Anyone care to comment on what you think about the situation? 


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Penguins! Waddle with them, for them!

Oh the glorious Penguins! Simons Town would not be the same iconic place it is without these guys! So read below about the Waddle for a Week campaign and get involved! We’ll certainly be waddling the final stretch!

Waddle for a Week: African penguin champions return

By Hayley McLellan / 7 February 2012
Original Article here 

Our first Waddle for a Week campaign in 2011 – in support of the endangered African penguin (you can a visit a few of these beautiful birds right here at the Sappi River Meander) – was such a success that we have decided to run it again in 2012. Animal keepers across the country have started training for the 130km waddle, which starts in Gansbaai (Dyer Island colony) and ends in Simonstown (Boulders Beach colony).

The good news is that anyone can join this fantastic campaign. The dates for this year are 16 to 21 April when you can waddle with us for a week, a day or an hour. The African penguin is endemic to southern Africa as well as endangered and if quick, smart action is not taken we could be saying goodbye to this African icon within the next 15 years as yet another species slides into extinction … Let’s not let this happen!

Be a part of the solution by visiting and getting involved however you can.

Contact Two Oceans Aquarium Senior Bird Trainer Hayley McLellan on for more information.

Why not waddle and spend the night in Simons Town? Check out our GREAT rates here

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